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About TransactionsWallet

TransactionsWallet is a US finance affiliate website that supplements business owners with financial knowledge and unbiased reviews. We use financial experts to ensure the accuracy of the information and answer every question small business owners could have about accounting and bookkeeping.

We continually optimize the user experience to help our users get the information they need in the shortest time. TransactionsWallet helps business owners that want to save money on accountants or financial advisors.

TransactionsWallet is making money from affiliate partners that don’t influence his rating system. We’re always happy to hear our users’ opinions to optimize their experience with the site.

How Do We Review Services?

TransactionsWallet’s rating system is based on five key criteria:

1. Price: How affordable is this service compared to other relatives in the market?

2. Efficiency: How many features it has compared to other services in the market? and Is it worth the money?

3. Easiness: What level of expertise is required to use this service?

4. Reputation: What do other people and reviewers say about the service?

5. Support: How professional are the customer service and the staff?

You can check out our process of reviewing services from this link.

Who Review The Products?

We use financial experts to review and write the content and let our editors proofread the content to see if the readers will get the main point clearly. As an example of who reviews the products:

How Does the Website Make Money?

TransactionsWallet makes money through its affiliate partners. This happens when you click through the affiliate link of a certain partner. We have the following character after every affiliate link ” * ” to give you the flexibility to choose whether you purchase the service through our link or the normal link. Of course, we would love to click through our link to keep this site operating.

We’re on a mission to review every service on the market as long as we have the information and experience needed to make the review. Being a partner doesn’t affect the rating of our system or even the schedule’s priority. You can learn more about how we make money from this link.